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Mar 22, 2023

How do you build an amazing, top-producing real estate team? That's exactly what Todd Bailey with the Baily Robb Group went into in this last interview we did with him. He explores how he got into the Austin real estate scene and what he did to rise to become one of the most successful team leaders in Austin.



Mar 20, 2023

With the recent announcement of Meta/Facebook layoffs as well as the bailout of failed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB Bank), many may be wondering how these incidents are impacting the job market in the Austin technology industry. We interviewed Kevin Nothnagel about this to get his take on what's happening in the tech...

Mar 9, 2023

I sat down with Austin Stowell to talk about Austin's antiquated zoning rules for land use and development.  He had a years long debacle with the city over a development that in many cities would have been easy. We get into depth on what he went through, and what the city can do to make it's zoning laws more effective...

Mar 7, 2023

Want to know how you can sell 50 homes a year? In part 3 of Anthony Lamachhia's keynote speech from our RealtyHack summit in January, Anthony breaks down what you need to know to accomplish this. From mindset, goal setting, and the steps you need to take every single week to accomplish this.

Mar 7, 2023

How do you talk to home sellers in 2023? That's the question that real estate agents have been asking in our brokerage. We brought in Anthony Lamacchia to discuss how to creatively help seller realize their goals.