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Mar 2, 2020

How does one take a team of 30 and grow it to a brokerage of over 100 agents and 1,500 transactions in under 2 years?

How can real estate agents "future-proof" their business for the incoming disrupters that threaten our industry?

What are the things that agents should be looking for in their team or brokerage that are going to help them grow their business?

Is the traditional brokerage model dead?

Last week I met with Kris Lindahl with Kris Lindahl Real Estate for my upcoming Inman article and we went over a variety of topics, including the answers to the questions above. This was the most interesting and informative interview I've ever done and Kris is a tour-de-force in the industry that has accomplished so much in such a short time frame. His insights into where our industry is going and what type of team or brokerage agents should be aligning themselves with are spot on, in my opinion.