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Jul 7, 2020

We are joined by Lee Adkins to discuss some best practices for Real estate agents to maximize productivity. We went over setting up Google Calendar for efficiency, G-suite Hacks, and CRM settings.


G-suite/Gmail Hacks Setting up Google Calendar for efficiency Google Drive File Stream - makes your Google Drive act like a folder on your computer - you can attach or save files or folders to Drive just like anywhere on your computer (and/or Google inbox setup) General Organization 1Password or Last Pass - both for ease of workflow and security of your data and client data Video stuff (client or company facing) Use Zoom for meetings Use Zoom to train your team, have team meeting, do buyer or seller consults, NAR Discount = NAR-ZOOM Loom or Camtasia or similar to create on-demand training or client info House it unlisted (or public) on YouTube CRM settings Segment as much as possible Update contact info over time and add other info like birthdays, etc. Marketing Revamp (or start) your newsletter Freshen up a logo or branding (consider supporting a local business for this) A few other, non-digital tips Pick up a hobby, meditate, refresh your daily habits or workflow or office setup