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May 20, 2022

In this day and age you're MISSING OUT if you're not marketing yourself on social media. Today on RealtyHack we have social media influencer and Spyglass Realty agent, Cindy Garcia, joining us to tell us her story and offer us a few tips along the way on how you can break into social media marketing yourself!



May 17, 2022

How do you compete in a competitive market like Austin, when you're up against cash offers??? It's a MESS out there!!! Our guest on this episode of RealtyHack is Blake Outlaw from Homeward.


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May 4, 2022

Vacation rentals are BOOMING in Austin and the hill country area. For agents, they offer a great selling point to clients, but can also be a tough area to navigate legally. 

Erika Albert of E-Rae Realty joins us on this episode of RealtyHack to discuss selling vacation rentals and what you can do to capitalize on this...